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A BOMB disposal hero who was killed in Afghanistan is to be honoured with the George Cross.
This supreme sacrifice fetched the soldier from Himachal Pradesh the George Cross.
For his heroic leadership and disregard for personal safety he was awarded the George Cross.
In 1973, Mr Riley, by then a married father-of-two, was back at Buckingham Palace to pick up the George Cross.
The story of James Scully in the Birkenhead Blitz, recounted by a post-war boys'' comic Acting Corporal James Patrick Scully, awarded the George Cross for his work in the Blitz in Liverpool The medals of Cpl James Scully
The George Cross was awarded to the victim's grandfather in the Second World War and the MBE was awarded to his father.
The George Cross is a fitting tribute to decorate Oz for his outstanding bravery.
Now the George Cross is to be sold at auction in London on Thursday, sparking a call from Birmingham medal collector Phil Duggan for it to be bought and housed alongside the Edward Medal in the museum.
It will feature 21 Victoria Cross medal holders and nine servicemen who were awarded the George Cross.
He was posthumously awarded the George Cross at a special ceremony attended by his family and fiancee Gillian Urquhart.
Re: the letter from Colin Dill about Pc Kenneth Farrow's George Cross.
A war hero who was one of two men to win the George Medal with bar and the George Cross in the Second World War has died aged 91.
HUNDREDS of mourners have paid their respects to a World War Two hero who was one of only two men to win the George Cross and George Medal.
Your idea that only members of the BNP fly the St George Cross highlights your own prejudices and apparent hatred of the nation of England.
Also honoured was 19-year-old Trooper Christopher Finney, who became the youngest serviceman to receive the George Cross.