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United States explorer who (with Meriwether Lewis) led an expedition from St. Louis to the mouth of the Columbia River

United States general who was Allied commander in Africa and Italy in World War II and was commander of the United Nations forces in Korea (1896-1984)

United States psychologist (born in Panama) whose research persuaded the Supreme Court that segregated schools were discriminatory (1914-2005)

Canadian politician who served as prime minister (1939-)

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The essays in this festschrift for scholar George Clark return to the Nordic hero as seen in Beowulf, The Battle of Malden and the Icelandic sagas.
Not such a lucky lover after all - though, oddly enough, no racehorse of that name appears to have run in Britain in the time that Mrs Clark was associated with the unfortunate George Clark.
What you all did for us in March - with your YouTube and your letters - the tribal council voted The American Legion to be the 2010 recipients of the Freedom Fighter Award," said George Clark, president of Save the Montagnard People (STMP), a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the tribal culture of Vietnam's central highlands that continued to fight long into the 1990s after American forces left in 1975.
Venu was chosen from hundreds of entries by a panel of judges including TV presenter and architect George Clark, Wayne Hemmingway and Linda Barker.
Special thank you to Rev Tessa Stephens, from St Barnabas, Tony Longstaff - the bugler and George Clark for carrying the standard and David and Derrick from Co-operative Funeralcare for the lovely orders of service.
George Clark, a pupil at the school in the 60s, added: "It's about every school and institution in Scotland that allowed this abuse to happen.
He then moved on to work for R W Engineering Limited, part of George Clark & N.
This is the biggest turnout of striking members since the 70s," said George Clark, of Unite.
Network Rail are to pay up after builder George Clark, 56, died saving his boxer dog Honey at Bainfield crossing in Cardross, Dunbartonshire.
THE Home Show on 4 with architect George Clark began.
PRESENTER George Clark gets together with those who have previously been featured in the show.
She was born in 1912, one of twins with sister Kitty, to Kate and George Clark of Barry.
George Clark announced the licensing agreement with the Polish National Veterinary Research Institute.
Natasha's stepfather George Clark, 42, said as the couple left their home in Newport,Isle of Wight, to be reunited with her: ``I feel very relieved.
His name is Frederick George Clark, born January 4, 1891 at 10 Montague Street, Aston, the son of John Clark (Carter) and Maria (nee Barnicle).