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United States pioneer who planted apple trees as he traveled (1774-1845)

archaic term for an itinerant peddler

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In Robin Hood's Bay, above right, with teacher George Chapman in September 1967 are pupils, from left, Malcolm Lindsley, David Hastie, Eileen Barker, Valerie Melling, Pauline Huzzard, Olwyn Simpson and Janet Houghton
And as for George Chapman, well, he went to America for a time, but his "wives" had a nasty habit of dropping dead from poison when he was around and he was later charged with three counts of murder and found guilty of one.
The elder daughter of George Chapman, former chairman of Dubai Ports Services, Vanessa was four when DESS started.
6) Second, its composer was the poet and playwright George Chapman.
Board Chair Betsy Brady and George Chapman, head of the search committee, made the announcement this morning at the Museum.
His topics include sex and magic in Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay, Puritan magic in Doctor Faustus, ambiguous magic in Shakespeare's first and second tetralogies, Macbeth and the Jacobean witchcraft plays, magic as emasculation in George Chapman and Ben Jonson, and the magician's garden in The Tempest and Comus.
Prior to retiring last year, George Chapman had served as director of schools in rural Haywood County for eight years.
Also victorious from Chelmsley Wood was PJ Cawley, who triumphed 6-3 against George Chapman from Corley.
Michael defeated George Chapman of Crawley ABC, a former novice champion and two-time Southern Counties champion, on countback in the final.
I think the Global 5000 has the strongest residual value in the history of business aviation," says George Chapman, a former head of market research at Bombardier and now the director of aircraft consulting for Maryland-based AvPro, which bills itself as the world's largest corporate aviation brokerage firm.
You'll also learn great exercises to prevent injury from Master Coaches George Chapman and Alexander Kirillov, as well as Bowfit Founder Dave Cole.
Occasional discussion of literary texts (Shakespeare's sonnets, as well as Richard II, King Lear, and Hamlet, plays by George Chapman and Thomas Heywood, in addition to brief analysis of Milton's "On Time") adumbrates the analysis of life-writing throughout the volume.
Young men think old men are fools; but old men know young men are fools," declared George Chapman.
The course, to be held at the Holiday Inn Lansing West Conference Center, will be taught by George Chapman, a master coach, professional archer and bowhunter.