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And it was in 1991, that George Bush Junior made his first Royal blunder.
In February of 2005 he was appointed head of National Intelligence by George Bush Junior.
Sir, - George Bush junior was elected American President with fewer votes than his rival Al Gore, a vote which would have aroused American scorn if it had happened in a former socialist country.
Lay) have close ties with George Bush Junior and Senior.
George Bush junior, who arrived in Britain last night with his wife Laura at RAF Brize Norton, Oxfordshire, aboard the presidential jet Air Force One, came with an entourage of advisers, secret service agents and the White House press corps.
It is a philosophy that was best applied by George Bush Junior, and before him Ronald Reagan.
It was fitting to see both George Bush Junior and Senior present, but surprising.
George Bush junior sees dangers where his father did not.
From George Bush Junior to Tony Blair, and from Silvio Berlusconi to his Spanish counterpart Jose Maria Aznar, they all lied deliberately.
Now another President - George Bush junior - wants to finish the job his father started.
The main Republican contenders, George Bush junior and John McCain, are both strong supporters.
George Bush Junior used to say that if we do not strike at them, they will strike at us in our own capitals.
You get the impression that George Bush junior doesn't even know where Wales is.
Arizona senator McCain hasn't just suddenly appeared out of thin air to fight George Bush Junior for the Republican nomination.
But once the American election farce is over - with Republican George Bush Junior expected to win - Treorchy will formerly offer Al Gore their presidency as compensation.