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What I am getting rather tired of though, is listening to the denial within his camp, and in particular the American people's psyche, of how all that went wrong within their country and the world was all the fault of President George Bush jr.
A COUPLE of years ago I reported that as the US wondered what to do in the days after 9/11, Dick Cheney, poisonous vice-president, told his apprentice George Bush Jr it was time to evoke the spirit of a great wartime leader.
George Bush Jr has been elected to the President post two times.
2 Unique's client roster is an impressive list that includes both George Bush Jr.
By Ghaith Madadha Watching the evening news earlier this week, it seems that soon-to-be-ex-president George Bush Jr.
But he's great on Barack Obama, hilarious on Hillary Clinton and why a black woman couldn't be the first lady (far too bossy), and very, very funny about George Bush Jr, the lame duck president who gets a full five or so minutes of scorn.
ANSWERS: 1) Fletcher Christian, 2) The Ronettes, 3) Steif, 4) Frank Bruno, 5) Moscow, 6) Istanbul, 7) pounds 826, 8) George Bush Jr, 9) Tripoli, 10) Suffolk.
I wonder what George Bush Jr used to play with in his Texan back garden as a small child?
Pat ``Pass the Hat'' Robertson, the radical right-wing fundamentalist, claims that his God tells him that George Bush Jr.
RUGB Yhas attracted some of the unlikeliest names including Che Guevara, Idi Amin, Bill Clinton and George Bush Jr.
George Bush Jr will be very aware that it was the economy that cost his father the election.
11, the more America's response [to terrorism] became that of this administration, of George Bush Jr.
President George Bush Jr, whose father ordered Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm to drive Iraqi troops out of Kuwait, now appears to be reverting to the tactic of backing the opposition Iraqi National Congress (INC).
7 US presidential election, Republican George Bush Jr.
But Smoking Gun was even more ambitious, noting that "our best, and, perhaps, only hope to combat a consumer excise tax increase in 1991" is "to help elect a Republican governor who is a `no new taxes,' George Bush Jr.