George Bush

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vice president under Reagan and 41st President of the United States (born in 1924)

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Even though George Bush is keen to issue a presidential pardon as his dark term nears its end, I am worried that, at the last moment, he might exercise his constitutional right to pardon everything related to the war of Iraq and as such abort any future attempt to prosecute the gang.
It is not beyond the realm of possibility that Africa will emerge from the darkness into the light and history will record that George Bush did far more practical good than Bill Clinton or Bono ever did.
To understand George Bush, we must go beyond the "noise" that fills the air around the phrase "born-again Christian" and determine exactly what it means.
In return for gigantic contributions to Tom DeLay, Bill Frist, George Bush, and friends, lobbyists for banks, drug companies, oil companies, health care providers, and every imaginable type of polluter are on the verge of achieving near-perfect control of the legislative process.
LOOKING AHEAD: George Bush lines up with first lady Laura Bush and vice president Dick Cheney and Lynne Cheney in a rehearsal for the big event
GEORGE BUSH arrived in Florida early yesterday to tour the areas most devastated by Hurricane Ivan, which gutted thousands of homes and businesses and washed out roads and bridges.
George Bush and his allies have been modeling themselves on William McKinley, the champion of vested interests in the Gilded Age.
US president George Bush will hold a long-delayed meeting with Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon next month,amid spiralling Middle East violence.
Sir, - George Bush junior was elected American President with fewer votes than his rival Al Gore, a vote which would have aroused American scorn if it had happened in a former socialist country.
Powell is the standard-bearer for this camp, which includes many in the State Department, outside foreign-policy experts, and notably, the President's father, former President George Bush.
Boyle has stated, based on then current -- and ongoing -- devastating situation for Iraq's children, "Likeunto a pirate, the Respondent George Bush is hostis humani generis -- the enemy of all humankind.
Today, in the first of a new Sunday Mercury series, we meet a retired tool finisher from Stourbridge also called George Bush to see how their lives compare.
The Peter and Edith O'Donnell Endowment in the George Bush Presidential Library Foundation provides grants to aid scholars doing research at the George Bush Presidential Library.
Republican George Bush says he wants to reform education.
The voting public thus far has made the presidential race difficult for Al Gore and George Bush because it hasn't set the issues yet.