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King of Great Britain and Elector of Hanover from 1727 to 1760 (1683-1760)

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Won Sang Lee, John Chrysostom, Scandinavian churches, and George Augustus Selwyn all manifest specifically religious features that are irreducible to other categories of explanation, such as economic categories.
The house fell out of the family's hands after Harry's great-great grandparents George Augustus and wife Elinor split.
An edited collection of journals, correspondence and associated lists produced by the evangelist George Augustus Robinson, Friendly Mission is the record of a London builder's extraordinary and by no means selfless industry in offering Lieutenant Governor George Arthur an alternative to the escalating conflict that was crippling development in the colony and resulting in the annihilation of Palawa tribes on the lawless frontier of Van Diemen's Land.
Their elder brother, the previous Viscount, George Augustus, had been killed at Trout Brook, near Ticonderoga, in 1758.
As he traveled around the United States, Moon was often introduced by Bishop George Augustus Stallings Jr.
Edwards, Dickens's "Young Men" George Augustus Sala, Edmund Yates and the World of Victorian Journalism (Ashgate, 1997), 229 pp.
Few more so than George Augustus Frederick Percy Smythe, seventh Viscount Strangford, who fought what is thought to have been the last duel in England in 1852.
For the Court of Common Council Room, Copley would commemorate the 1782 British success in the defense of Gibraltar and the defeat of the Spanish floating batteries by painting a 25-foot monument to the military prowess of Sir George Augustus Eliott (later Lord Heathfield) and Admiral Richard Earl Howe.
Photo Surrounded by State Police, Bishop George Augustus Stallings Jr.
George Augustus Selwyn (1809-1878): Theological Formation, Life, and Work.
2) Primary sources that refer to Derrimut include the journals of Fawkner, the journals and papers of Port Phillip Aboriginal Protectorate officials George Augustus Robinson and William Thomas; and official government reports.
George Augustus Polgreen Bridgetower, violin virtuoso and composer of color in late 18th century Europe.
Glover befriended George Augustus Robinson, the Conciliator of the surviving aboriginal tribes, who led them peacefully to their final extinction on the bleak and barren Flinders Island, far from their tribal lands.