Georg Wilhelm Steller

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German naturalist (1709-1746)


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31) Georg Wilhelm Steller, Steller's History of Kamchatka: Collected Information concerning the History of Kamchatka, Its Peoples, Their Manners, Names, Lifestyle, and Various Customary Practices, ed.
Sea cows, shamans, and scurvy; Alaska's first naturalist: Georg Wilhelm Steller.
In 1741, Georg Wilhelm Steller became the first European naturalist to set foot in the western half of the North American continent, while accompanying the Russian explorer Vitus Bering on his Alaskan expeditions.
Frost describes in detail the journey of the two ships and also comments on the problems encountered, basing his account on information from the vessels' logbooks, final reports by senior officers, reports and publications by the biologist Georg Wilhelm Steller, and other journals compiled from diaries kept during the voyage.
99 [pounds sterling]), his first published literary work, an extended poem which looks at the lives of Matthias Grunewald, Georg Wilhelm Steller and Sebald himself and their places in history.