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a native of Newcastle-upon-Tyne

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the nonstandard dialect of natives of Newcastle-upon-Tyne

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The cast arrived in Newcastle and were welcomed by Geordie Shore stars Kyle Christie and Dan Thomas.
The singer has looked back to the legendary 1950s BBC radio cabaret show Wot Cheor, Geordie, which featured popular comedians Bobby Thompson and Dick Irwin.
TATLER editor Geordie Greig used a historic thread to interest the prince in the idea of an interview.
uk, our facebook followers have been debating what they think makes a true geordie.
PAUL Davy has bagged a job as a Geordie translator - after spending years deciphering our lingo for his Chilean wife.
A London-based company is looking for Geordie translators to decipher our lingo into the Queen's English.
KEEP ya feet still Geordie hinny Ya too owld ti win the cup Keep ya feet still Geordie hinny And hang ya trainers up Keep ya feet still Geordie hinny Give ya poor soles a rest Keep ya feet still Geordie hinny Mother Nature she knaa's best Keep ya feet still Geordie hinny Yill find it's nee big disgrace Keep ya feet still Geordie hinny Father Time has won the race Keep ya feet still Geordie hinny Yi war a guddin in ya day Keep ya feet still Geordie hinny Retirement's here to stay Keep ya feet still Geordie hinny Divvint run nee more again Keep ya feet still Geordie hinny Take a trip down memory lane Keep ya feet still Geordie hinny Yi might mek it through the neet Cos am getting tired Geordie Of ya itchy twitchy feet.
then there's that supor fast train, ye naa, the one gaanin from doon sooth tuh Scotland, those superior beings doon thor seem tuh be gannin ti choose the west side iv the country, leavin us poor Geordie cousins oot in the caad once agyen.
GEORDIE shore star Vicky Pattison joined a host of reality TV stars at the launch of a new local business.
GEORDIE the turtle proved she was a real hard case after surviving being dumped in the Tyne.
Silvia said the man - known only as Geordie because of his Tyneside accent - is a dead ringer for BBC political reporter Brian Taylor.
Gardening expert Chris Bonnett claims plants grow 10% bigger if spoken to in a Geordie, rather than a Mancunian accent.
The cast of MTV's latest reality TV show, The Valleys, insist they are wilder than Geordie Shore.
THE Geordie accent has been boosted by celebrities including Cheryl Cole to be voted the sexiest in the UK.
GEORDIE GORDON Geordie Gordon's not for glamour, Doughty son of Fishburn, Proven knight in shining armour, Turns wrongs to rights in turn.