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the study of the effects of economic geography on the powers of the state

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With the outbreak of World War I, that geopolitical system was destroyed, and nineteenth-century globalization with it, despite the fact that technological progress continued unabated during the interwar period.
Hajo Holborn reflected that the First World War initiated, and the Second World War completed, the "political collapse of Europe," meaning the process by which Europe ceased to be a self-contained geopolitical system.
It's an island - an island of relative stability between two great geopolitical systems that are cracking apart: the euro zone that came into being after the cold war, and the Arab state system that came into being after World War I are both coming unglued.
When nursing is viewed through the lens of other cultures and different geopolitical systems, the important aspects of the discipline of nursing are clearly independent of more time-limited issues.
In this case, however, the obvious involves complex legal, financial, and geopolitical systems.