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the study of the effects of economic geography on the powers of the state

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Turkey should not delay (nuclear) energy investments in order to strengthen its economic and geopolitic influence in its region," Birol said.
Totodata, diplomatia romana, in analiza fenomenului geopolitic din Orientul Mijlociu a facut mereu recurs la istorie, deoarece istoria popoarelor--arab si evreu--a suferit multiple "ajustari" si "interpretari" de-a lungul timpului din partea marilor puteri.
The king, young and modern, did a quick geopolitic roundup of the current situation, clearly setting out his views.
Similarly Samuel Huntington's academic projection of an impending clash between Islam and the West seems to have become frozen into a geopolitic inevitability in the imagination of some "serious" thinkers in Washington who have begun crafting policy almost perversely bent on accelerating, rather than avoiding, that clash.
Turkey's geopolitic location is good, and it is situated in a region where energy corridors are passing," Schneider-Ammann said.
Filipi enumerated these reasons as Turkey's geopolitic and strategic importance and location.
Delivering a speech at the Eurasia Economic Summit in Istanbul, Yildiz said there were important developments regarding Turkey's geopolitic and geostrategic position, noting that Turkey had to take advantage of these.