Geomys bursarius

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gopher of chiefly grasslands of central North America

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Geomys bursarius (Rodentia: Geomyidae) Mammalian Species 43(879): 104-117.
Geomys bursarius is strongly associated with sandy soils and with soils that originally were compact but were made more friable by cultivation.
Tunnel-construction methods and foraging path of a fossorial herbivore, Geomys bursarius.
Two species of pocket gophers occur in Arkansas, Geomys breviceps (Baird's pocket gopher) and Geomys bursarius ozarkensis (Ozark pocket gopher) (Elrod et al.
This specificity, first suggested by Hellenthal and Price (1976) and fully demonstrated later, has been used by Heaney and Timm in 1985 to study a narrow hybrid zone between Geomys bursarius and G.
The estrous cycle of the plains pocket gopher, Geomys bursarius, in the laboratory.
tridecemlineatus (Mitchill), N thirteen-lined ground squirrel Tamias striatus (Linneaus), I eastern chipmunk Tamiasciurus hudsonicus N (Erxleben), red squirrel Family Geomyidae (pocket gophers) Geomys bursarius (Shaw), plains NW pocket gopher Family Castoridae (beavers) Castor canadensis Kuhl, beaver I The beaver was extirpated by 1900 but was reintroduced.
Electrophoretic analysis of the contact zone between Geomys breviceps and Geomys bursarius.
Ozark pocket gopher, Geomys bursarius ozarkensis Elrod, Zimmerman, Sudman & Heidt, burrows, Kovarik et al.
During 3 March 2007-10 February 2008, we inserted radio transmitters into 72 Ozark pocket gophers, Geomys bursarius ozarkensis, in Izard County, Arkansas.
African porcupine) and Geomys bursarius (eastern pocket gopher) store and gnaw on bones, most likely to gain calcium, sodium, and phosphorus (Smith 1948; Duthie & Skinner 1986; Richards & Munson 1988; Gow 1992).
Geomys bursarius, plains pocket gopher, occurs throughout the Midwest from southern Canada to Texas encompassing a variety of grassy habitats (Elrod et al.
Litomosoides westi has been reported in both Geomys bursarius of the Great Plains region and T.
Geomys bursarius has been recorded as prey for owls (Cahn and Kemp, 1930; Goyer et al.
However, a specimen of Geomys bursarius from Floyd County represents a new county record.