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Tunnel-construction methods and foraging path of a fossorial herbivore, Geomys bursarius.
Geomys breviceps maintain an intricate burrow complex that can reach 180 m in length (Schmidly 1983), and they can rapidly construct an earthen plug effectively limiting movement by P.
Food habits and dietary preferences of Attwater's pocket gopher, Geomys attwateri.
Range extensions are recognized for two rodents, Ammospermophilus interpres, Geomys texensis and the red fox, Vulpes vulpes.
Telemetric study of the pocket gopher, Geomys bursarius.
Range extensions for Geomys breviceps and Geomys texensis in Texas.
The Llano pocket gopher, Geomys texensis, was only recently recognized as a species distinct from the plains pocket gopher, Geomys bursarius, by Block & Zimmerman (1991).
Mounds of pocket gophers, Geomys breviceps, were seen in many of the grassy sandy upland areas; two specimens were collected with MacAbee traps in the pipeline right-of-way, a grassy opening in the oak woodland.
Litomosoides westi has been reported in both Geomys bursarius of the Great Plains region and T.
Baird's pocket gopher, Geomys breviceps, is found in the eastern portion of Texas.
However, a specimen of Geomys bursarius from Floyd County represents a new county record.
The plains pocket gopher, Geomys bursarius (Shaw) is a fossorial rodent known as an important agent of soil disturbance in grassland communities.
Group Abundance Anurans Extremely abundant (90+% of NISP) Pond turtles (Trachemys, Chrysemys, Very abundant Emydoidea, Chelydra) Snakes (Thamnophis, Nerodia, Abundant Sistrurus, Coluber, Paracoluber, Pantherophis, Heterodon, Paleoheterodon, Lampropeltis, Opheodrys) Rodents (Spermophilus, Geomys, Abundant Symmetrodontomys, Bensonomys, Ogmodontomys, Phophenacomys, Dipoides) Rabbits (Hypolagus) Uncommon Land tortoises (Hesperotestudo) Uncommon Fishes (small catfish and sunfish) Uncommon Salamanders Rare Moles Rare Shrews (Sorex) Rare
The following species have been reported in proximity to Tennessee: Geomys bursarius (plains pocket gopher), Reithrodontomys megalotis (western harvest mouse), R.
Pine needle oil causes avoidance behaviors in pocket gopher Geomys bursarius.