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Textural component analysis % sand Species n mean range Geomys bursarius 128 71.
Functional morphology and allometry of the digging apparatus in picket gophers of the genera Thomomys, Geomys, and Cratogeomys (Rodentia: Geomyidae).
We did not detect a primary late winter and early spring reproductive season as reported in Geomys in other states, such as Colorado, Missouri, and Texas.
The recent genetic data helped clarify the phylogenetic relationships among species of Geomys in the south Texas region.
Keywords: Density, distribution, Geomys bursarius, plains pocket gopher, program DISTANCE
Two species of pocket gophers occur in Arkansas, Geomys breviceps (Baird's pocket gopher) and Geomys bursarius ozarkensis (Ozark pocket gopher) (Elrod et al.
Small mammals at Perico Creek include Spermophilus, Geomys bursarius, Ondatra zibethicus, and Microtus, none of which is shared with the rockshelter in Cimarron County.
These gophers prefer sandy soils and usually are found where no Geomys occur (Schmidly 2004).
This specificity, first suggested by Hellenthal and Price (1976) and fully demonstrated later, has been used by Heaney and Timm in 1985 to study a narrow hybrid zone between Geomys bursarius and G.
These authors collected cytochrome oxidase I (COI) sequence data for pocket gophers (15 species in the genera Cratogeomys, Geomys, Orthogeomys, Pappogeomys, Thomomys, and Zygogeomys) and for their ectoparasitic lice (17 species in the genera Geomydoecus and Thomomydoecus).
Ectoparasites and other arthropod associates on two subspecies of plains pocket gophers: Geomys bursarius illinoensis and Geomys bursarius missouriensis.
Geomys breviceps "burrows" were counted as the number of visible push-up mounds and all other burrows were enumerated by the number of actual openings at or near the soil surface.
tridecemlineatus (Mitchill), N thirteen-lined ground squirrel Tamias striatus (Linneaus), I eastern chipmunk Tamiasciurus hudsonicus N (Erxleben), red squirrel Family Geomyidae (pocket gophers) Geomys bursarius (Shaw), plains NW pocket gopher Family Castoridae (beavers) Castor canadensis Kuhl, beaver I The beaver was extirpated by 1900 but was reintroduced.
Electrophoretic analysis of the contact zone between Geomys breviceps and Geomys bursarius.