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Otras familias como Crambidae y Geometridae, tambien bien representadas en zonas tropicales (Barlow & Woiwod 1989), registraron un procentaje de eficiencia de muestreo mayor al 80%.
De ellos, 577 fueron lepidopteros nocturnos de las familias Noctuidae, Pyralidae, Crambidae, Geometridae y Sphingidae.
In some cases, the contributions in the present book are continuations of work already reported in the first volume and this is clearly indicated in their titles, as for example for the earth-measurer moths Geometridae.
A cataloque of the eggs of some Canadian Geometridae (Lepidoptera) with comments.
Otras: con un articulo Amatidae Apatelodidae Cosmopterygidae Epiplemidae Lymantriidae Notodontidae Zygaenidae Familia Numero de articulos Nymphalidae 46 Papilionidae 39 Pieridae 31 Arctiidae 25 Saturniidae 24 Sphingidae 22 Geometridae 16 Lycaenidae 11 Noctuidae 8 Ctenuchiadae 7 Dioptidae 5 Pyralidae 5 Psychidae 4 Hesperiidae 4 Acrolophidae 3 Uraniidae 3 Lasiocampidae 3 Agaristidae 2 Castniidae 2 Cossidae 2 Nolidae 2 Prodoxidae 2 Otras 7 Nota: Tabla derivada de grafico de barra.
In my study population and elsewhere, flower buds, open flowers, and developing fruits and seeds are quite often partially or totally consumed by both invertebrate (larvae of several lepidopteran species in the families Noctuidae and Geometridae, and adult orthopterans) and vertebrate (mainly deer) herbivores (Sanchez-Lafuente et al.
Our most familiar caterpillars are the destructive cutworms (larvae of the Family Noctuidae, owlet moths), hornworms (Family Sphingidae, sphinx moths) and inchworms (Family Geometridae, geometer moths).
De las seis subfamilias que conforman la familia Geometridae, cinco estan presentes en nuestro pais, con 87 generos, y un total aproximado de 320 especies descritas.
1996 The moths of Borneo: family Geometridae, subfamilies Oenochrominae, Desmobathrinae and Geometrinae.
com) desert spoon Prostenodes (a genus of moth in the family Geometridae, now considered a synonym of Anisodes; en.
Particularly noteworthy is the chapter on the Geometridae, in which the authors presents their analysis of mtDNA data from these moths.