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the branch of physics that studies the physical properties of light

optical properties

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He interprets the Propaedeumata aphoristica as a work of astrology dealing with physical effects described by mathematics, not by a metaphysics of light but by a geometric optics.
Hyperbolic partial differential equations and geometric optics.
Diffraction, polarization and other effects that depend on the wave-like nature of light are taken into account to some extent, but computations are based primarily on geometric optics.
He covers classical mechanics and string field theory, the geometry of physics (linear, curvilinear and multilinear), the Lagrange-Poincare description of mechanics, Newton/Gauge invariant mechanics, Hamiltonian geometric optics, Hamilton-Jacobi theory, relativistic mechanics, conservation laws and symmetry.
This includes detailed discussions on geometric optics, superposition and interference, and diffraction.
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