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the mean of n numbers expressed as the n-th root of their product

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Overall preterm Model 1 (a) n (cases, OR (95% CI) p-Value controls) Geometric average 130,352 1.
An intermediate time interval given by the geometric average of the last two ones was also evaluated and we call it generation's time.
In addition, we can do decision based on the weighted geometric average operator.
Then the g is called the weighted geometric average operator of the triangular intuitionistic fuzzy number.
The geometric average railroad in 1998 is approximately 96 percent larger in terms of road-mileage yet carries between 107 and 120 percent more traffic than the arithmetic average railroad, depending on the intermediate output measure chosen.
Costs for the movement of this train are generally decreasing both over time and over the four models for both the arithmetic and geometric average railroads.
Based on this evidence, Copeland, Koller, and Murrin (1994) argue that the geometric average is a better estimate of the long-run expected return.
The USDX is calculated using a trade-weighted geometric average of six foreign currencies, weighted as follows:
6-4 Depth (cm) 20-50 < 20 EC ([micro]mhos/cm) 8-16 > 16 Texture Loam Sandy, Sandy, Clay < 60% Sandy Loam Gravel percentage 35-65 > 65 Table 4: Geometric average of the quantitative values of water resources degradation criterion.
The special issue contains 62 invited and peer-reviewed articles on such topics as a parametric curve interpolation algorithm for high speed machining, process modeling methods based on global and associated design and its applications, the vibration model analysis of an active magnetic bearing system, methods for calculating geometric average sound intensity in a scattering field, the modeling and experimental investigation of jet electrolytic drilling, designing and optimizing force balanced constant spring hangers with the MATLAB language and environment, and developing an economic model for milling titanium alloys.
Analysis of studied criteria in Alamarvdasht region showed that water criterion with a geometric average of 2.
However, for our purposes it is probably worth erring on the conservative side - 4% is the geometric average of the last five years.
For the purposes of this study, the reported asset allocation of each of the included plans has been analyzed to determine an independent measure of the expected long-term annual geometric average rate of return on plan assets.
A different type of test, the Bartlett's test, which compares the weighted arithmetic average of the sample variances to the weighted geometric average of the sample variances also can be used, but is not robust to violations of normality.
alpha]] can either be estimated from Equation 4 directly or calculated using the sample geometric averages of the wage rate, the price of output, and, under imperfect competition, the markup component (or pure profit component).