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the mean of n numbers expressed as the n-th root of their product

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For instance, Jianqiang and Zhong [114] developed the intuitionistic trapezoidal weighted average arithmetic average operator and the intuitionistic trapezoidal weighted geometric average operator.
The interval neutrosopliic weighted geometric average operator is defined by
eff] of a domain can be well approximated by its geometric average.
Overall preterm Model 1 (a) n (cases, OR (95% CI) p-Value controls) Geometric average 130,352 1.
An intermediate time interval given by the geometric average of the last two ones was also evaluated and we call it generation's time.
Asian power option Geometric average Arithmetic average Jump-fraction process Control variate
The difference between them is that the arithmetic average determines the expected rates, suggesting independence, while the geometric average treats the surveyed historical path of development as the only possible judgment for the future.
Finally the value of each criterion was obtained as geometric average of scores of single indices according to the formula:
Our estimation uses a moving geometric average applied to the Gordon growth model to provide a conditioning effect, where the time from the last distribution increase decreases the estimate of future growth.
The special issue contains 62 invited and peer-reviewed articles on such topics as a parametric curve interpolation algorithm for high speed machining, process modeling methods based on global and associated design and its applications, the vibration model analysis of an active magnetic bearing system, methods for calculating geometric average sound intensity in a scattering field, the modeling and experimental investigation of jet electrolytic drilling, designing and optimizing force balanced constant spring hangers with the MATLAB language and environment, and developing an economic model for milling titanium alloys.
It is worth noting that for the examined database of companies the expected growth rate is totally different from the actual estimated geometric average growth rate for the period.
The formula for calculating a geometric average is as follows: