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a mathematician specializing in geometry


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Much as the geometer explains any possible relationship between figures in terms of mental constructions proceeding from self-evident notions (classically, the point and the line), the transcendental philosopher is to account for the essential features of all domains of experience through rigorous mental construction of their interrelated concepts as entailed by a self-evident first principle (self-recursive thinking).
Even geometers also found it useful to avoid embroilment in philosophical disputes about definitions of terms or about the existence of mathematical entities.
The Arbrians call the aliens the Geometers, and the latter announce themselves, conventionally enough, by outlining the Pythagorean proof (Arbrians ascribe it to Adrakhones) on their water-and-gravel constructed spaceship.
For fifteen years, Suzanne Taylor has joined forces with a community of artists, scientists, philosophers, geometers, and farmers intrigued by the mysterious phenomenon of crop circles - elaborate patterns that turn up in farmers' field crops overnight.
Shortest-path problems have been addressed by mathematicians and geometers since the 1950s, and continue to be relevant in such areas as delivery, traffic information, software design, and database design.
Once Kepler's idea was taken seriously, Geometers saw that the Geometry of intersections (incidence relations) could be made into a wholly consistent theory.
Although the conception of scientific explanation accepted by Galileo, Harvey, and Newton is a theory of formal proof developed by Greek geometers and logicians, the distinctive feature of the seventeenth century, Crombie writes, is non-Greek in origin.
Geometers may accept Euclidean, Riemannian, or Lobachevskian axioms and get some different incompatible theorems.
ASTER, or the "regular simplex" as geometers call it, has 5 nodes, 10 lines, 10 3-cycles and 5 4-cycles.
But given that Descartes decided to tackle it, his solution and his methods are to be explained primarily by reference to earlier geometers.
perceptible lines are not those of which the geometer speaks (for nothing perceptible is straight or round in this way--the circle does not touch a straight-edge at a point, but as Protagoras said it did in refuting the geometers.
Computational geometers have proposed several data structures to represent the Voronoi diagram of point sites [15-16].
17) The studio is central to this dynamic, defying standard fantasies of solitary creation with the complexities of production one might have seen during the baroque: master geometers projecting coordinates for a ceiling painting, woodworkers crafting moldings, sculptural technicians producing casts of putti, lowly assistants grinding pigment, and patrons putting in their two cents about emblems and iconography.
From diagrams drawn in the sand by ancient geometers to modern ideas about fractals and chaos, mathematics has been an essential component in our evolving culture.
Analysis has its roots in the work of Archimedes and other ancient Greek geometers, who developed techniques to find areas, volumes, centers of gravity, arc lengths, and tangent to curves.