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Synonyms for yeoman

officer in the (ceremonial) bodyguard of the British monarch

in former times was free and cultivated his own land

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Caption: Left: manroland Geoman tower; Right: manroland Uniset tower
In Omaha, the switch last year from half-century old letterpress presses to 18 new Geoman units from MAN Roland was driven by a need for more flexibility and more color capacity.
The Netherlands' NDC|VBK de uitgevers newspaper/book publishing group will equip a new six-tower ManRoland Geoman 70 press with a combined Jetstream web cleaner and Impact Global automatic blanket cleaning system made by Baldwin Technology of Shelton, Conn.
It's a $72 million project including four MAN Roland GEOMAN presses with capacities of 75,000 copies per hour.
Its MAN Roland Geoman press went into production in spring of 2002 running high-strength inks.
That plant, dating from 1992 and recently equipped with MAN Roland Geoman presses, prints among other publications, nearby Boulder's Daily Camera, published by Prairie Mountain Publishing, a management and operating partnership created by Scripps and MediaNews.
Since replacing the Journal & Courier letterpress with a MAN Roland Geoman for the Berliner format, it sold to GateHouse Media the letterpress-printed Herald-Dispatch in Huntington, W.
The paper now sends PDF page files to CTP platesetters at the Denver facility, where papers are produced on five MAN Roland Geoman presses.
Predrilled to facilitate a now- accomplished conversion to a 48-inch web width, its more productive MAN Roland Geoman presses were the first with spray-bar dampeners and nickel-coated cylinders.
SandyScreen screening produces, effectively, a 133-line screen -- allowing the newspaper's MAN-Roland Geoman cold-set to achieve heatset quality.
The well-worn warning that "you can never have enough color" is perhaps nowhere more evident than in Grand Rapids, where the Geoman press is nothing but color, and lots of it -- eight eight-couple towers.