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denoting or characteristic of countries of Europe and the western hemisphere


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In The Surface of Mars, Michael Carr provides an outstanding up-to-date thesis on the geology of Mars.
Frankly, we don't know what the internal geology of Mars is like.
At Imperial College, gifted secondary school pupils can learn about the geology of Mars, and the science behind any future mission to the moon.
2 billion, is to study the chemistry and geology of Mars, including any evidence of a planet that was once warmer and wetter - and thus may have harbored life.
Scheduled for launch in the fall of 2009, the Mars Science Laboratory -- built by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory -- will support the Mars Exploration Program's strategy of "follow the water" and will have the science goals of determining whether the planet was ever habitable, characterizing the climate and geology of Mars, and preparing for human exploration.
But I think it will take more than simple robots to understand and react to whatever clues the geology of Mars gives us to where life is.