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the making of maps and charts

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Developed by Groundhog Technologies, the geolocation application incorporates Google Earth 3D visualization, which enhances operators' analytical capability on the geographical map.
The new route announced by Air Southwest will create a shrinking of the geographical map between Cardiff and Newquay.
The route of Walk Tests can be visualized within the Geographical Map Representation Module of the centralized Reporting System.
Gokturk will also be used for monitoring civilian activities such as control of forest land, tracking of illegal construction, determination of damage after natural disasters within a short time, zone crop determination, geographical map data production.
It is split into three sections: The Forest - an experiment in imagination, taking the viewer into a hazy, dark place, silent, watching and waiting in the twilight; Impressionistic Pictorial Photography - characterised by its soft focus and dusky tones; and Turbulent Abstraction - the splendour of moving water is encapsulated as free-flowing and subtle in colour, like a geographical map of an unseen landscape.
This map is considered the second geographical map to mention the name of Kurdish people as a nation.
As a result, it gives us what historian Mark Blaug condemns as a "sterile innovation," which he compared to "a geographical map of the towns in a country without a map of the roads between towns.
The notion of the geographical map is no longer limited to 'a plane figure representing the surface of the earth, or part of it' (as someone put it in 1770), but has come to embrace everything from representations of extraterrestrial phenomena and imaginary places to the thematic maps that enhance our understanding of population density, geological features, the spread of disease and much else besides.
Je me plais a imaginer qu'elle se rend, de son index magique, a Zanzibar" (with her fingers on the geographical map, like a blind woman, from one continent to the other.
This fifth enlargement, although not as spectacular as the previous one, will irreversibly change not only the geographical map of the EU but also its internal structure and strategic importance in the world.
The London Underground map was designed by Harry Beck in 1931 after the Tube grew too large to squeeze the new lines and stations into a geographical map.
For example, on a geographical map scaled in miles, the vector v = (3,4) would not represent a location, but would represent a change in location, 3 miles east and 4 miles north.
In this regard, we would like to propose the geographical map that we introduced in one of the previews articles as a suitable corrective lens (Sivan & Rosen, 2001a).
New features include a completely integrated MapInfo Map Workspace that provides a top-down view of the network, and allows the user to drill into the network from a geographical map.
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