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the southernmost point of the Earth's axis

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Liautaud and Stoup arrived at the geographic South Pole on Christmas Eve, having faced gale-force winds, temperatures that dipped below -50 degrees Celsius (-58 degrees Fahrenheit) and three-meter-high sastrugi, or frozen waves in the ice.
The four-time Wales cap - who is aiming to raise pounds 1m in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care through his 737 Challenge, which officially ends this month - plans to ski from the Hercules Inlet, on the southwest margin of the Ronne Ice Shelf, to the geographic South Pole.
From his online blog which he updates using a satellite phone, he said: "After 612 miles and 50 days alone on Antarctic I am now standing at the Geographic South Pole.
In one week, the team will set off braving blizzards, crevasses and temperatures below minus 40C as they ski 900 kilometres over approximately 40 days to the geographic South Pole.
The remote South Pole Station, at an altitude of 9,300 feet, sits atop almost two miles of ice at the geographic South Pole.
This adventure spans an entire season, with participants covering 1,170 km from the edge of the frozen Antarctic continent to the Geographic South Pole.
The station was built with flexible connecting walkways to accommodate the sliding of the glacier, which also requires the marker for the true geographic South Pole to be moved annually.
The Geographic South Pole is marked by a small sign and a stake in the ice pack, which are repositioned each year on New Year's Day to compensate for the movement of the ice.
The expedition will raise significant funds for the three charities that inspire me in everything I do, with the bonus that I'll also be achieving a long-term ambition to conquer the geographic South Pole.
A BRITISH woman is planning to make the fastest solo, unsupported trek to the geographic South Pole.
They are unloaded only a short walk from a shiny balled marker denoting where Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen became the first to reach the geographic South Pole on Dec.
Kay and her fellow adventurers will have to negotiate sastrugi, the ridges of wind-blown snow that are several feet high, before they reach the Geographic South Pole, perched on top of 10,000ft of ice.
The Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, established in November 1956 within 1,000 yards of the geographic South Pole, was the site of research on glacial conditions, the effects of ionospheric activity, and auroral phenomena.
station, is located at the geographic South Pole, the spin axis of the Earth, and has just a snow runway, so only ski-equipped airplanes can land there.
When British explorer Robert Falcon Scott and his companions set off from the McMurdo region in late 1911, their foremost goal was to plant the first flag at the geographic south pole some 1,300 kilometers away -- a race they lost by a month to Roald Amundsen of Norway.