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the branch of geology that studies the shape of the earth and the determination of the exact position of geographical points

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A review on the Geodetic Surveying subjects taught at the Tallinn University of Technology for Civil Engineering students was given in this paper.
A drawback here, however, is that the Geodetic Surveying subjects are taught during the first study-year, which leads to a suspicion that many students may have forgotten much of the material by the time they graduate from university.
Years ago, another specialised subject filled the gap--"The Basics of Construction Surveying for Civil Engineers", which took a more detailed approach to onsite geodetic surveying (the volume of the current construction surveying course does not allow for this) and was taught in the third study year.
Geodetic Surveying I: Guides for Laboratory exercises.
Geodetic Surveying II: Guides for Laboratory exercises.
Components of the Geodetic Surveying Module Subject Weekly Code Title ECP hours Term ETG0011 Geodetic 2 1.
Geodetic Surveying I and II homework assignments are as follows: 1) map symbols and scales; 2) traverse calculations and adjustment; 3) tacheometric surveying and map drawing; 4) area levelling calculations and map drawing; 5) profiling a route together with levelling and calculation of the chainage and the elements of circular curves.
The subject of this contract is to develop a separate project documentation for Zoning (PD) and to develop a separate application for building permission (DSP) documentation for details on the implementation of the construction (PDPs) including geodetic surveying, inventorying vegetation, geological survey.
Contract notice: Geodetic surveying equipment for field laboratory.
The subject of the above threshold procurement is the supply geodetic surveying equipment for field and laboratory including accessories and transport to the place of performance.
Procured the execution of construction works also geodetic surveying the completed work.
Phase I - Conduct the necessary geodetic surveying, II stage - Construction and installation work and commissioning.
Contract notice: Framework agreement geodetic surveying (1).
Total quantity or scope: Framework agreement for geodetic surveying.
1967), Aerodist in Geodetic Surveying in Canada, in Technical Papers presented to the Fifth UN Regional Cartographic Conference for Asia and the Far East, v.