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(mathematics) the shortest line between two points on a mathematically defined surface (as a straight line on a plane or an arc of a great circle on a sphere)

of or relating to or determined by geodesy

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Electrical Geodesics is a medical device company that designs, develops and commercialises a range of non-invasive neurodiagnostic products used to monitor and interpret brain activity.
We consider the relationship between trajectories and geodesics through trajectory-harps.
Reference [29] considers the geodesics in the space of pointing directions of head/eye movement modelled as Euler-Lagrange equations.
As per the contract, Electrical Geodesics will be supplying and supporting customers of ElMindA who buy the BNA analysis system with its GES 400 dense array EEG systems on pre-determined terms.
And we join pairwise consecutive extremities by geodesics in [D.
Starting this month, the new agreement allows Premier members, at their discretion, to take advantage of special pricing and terms pre negotiated by Premier for EGI's clinical Geodesic EEG Systems, Geodesic Sensor Nets and accessories.
The geodesics AB and A'B' are equal and the angles BAC and B'A'C' are equal because of the reflection.
Thus, these aspects can be processed to extract local features by geodesics connection one by one according to the sequence sorted by the number of areas.
We say that X is a geodesic metric space if for every x, y [member of] X there exists a geodesic joining x and y; we denote by [x, y] any of such geodesics (since we do not require uniqueness of geodesics, this notation is ambiguous, but convenient as well).
Out of this research came the geodesic spheres and domes (hemispheres): polyhedrons whose vertices lay along the great circles, or geodesics, of a sphere.
In particular, we obtain a complete description of the geodesics starting from the distinguished point called the root.
In isotropic media, minimum energy path gets reduced to shortest distance path, which can be seen mathematically as shortest geodesics.
25 square Loftcube and the horrible $35K dome home from Timberline geodesics are the main architectural features of Retrothing at www.
In geometry this curvature is reflected, for example, in the angle difference of a vector transported around a loop along geodesics, i.