geodesic dome

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a lightweight dome constructed of interlocking polygons

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Perry's Eclipse, a 40-foot-high geodesic sphere rising from a reflecting pool into the soaring 170-foot-high space above.
Washington, Apr 19 ( ANI ): Researchers have shed new light into the war on aging, insisting that 'The Fountain of Youth' may all have to do with Buckminsterfullerene, a molecule composed of 60 carbon atoms, bonded together in the shape of a geodesic sphere.
Inside an anechoic chamber, 277 Bose loudspeakers are embedded in a geodesic sphere that is suspended in midair by netting.
From inside the geodesic sphere atop Al Faisaliah Centre, guests can enjoy sweeping views of Riyadh from 240 metres up, while being treated to the finest culinary experience in the Kingdom.
In another space, a video screen displays familiar sights of Los Angeles, but the mirrors placed perfectly around it flip and repeat the images in a geodesic sphere, suggesting it's not just a city, but a world unto itself.
Designed by Fuller and Shoji Sadao for the United States Information Agency, the Montreal pavilion was a 250-foot-diameter three-quarter geodesic sphere with a skin of transparent acrylic panels.
Still, who also makes a small geodesic sphere he calls Rotegrity, sells the toy boats for $7 to $12 each.