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Strong JN, Fragoso JM (2006) Seed dispersal by Geochelone carbonaria and Geochelone denticulata in northwestern Brazil.
unifilis, Phrynops geoffroanus (BRITO, 2007), Testudo hermanni (MEYER, 1998), Geochelone carbonaria (PIZZUTTO et al.
His two other companions are of a similar but different species, Geochelone becki.
carolina bauri, Liu et al, 2004), Africa (leopard tortoise Geochelone pardalis, Milton, 1992), Galapagos Islands (giant tortoise T.
A fin de conocer la estrategia reproductiva de Geochelone carbonaria en cuanto a la produccion de huevos y su relacion con la talla corporal, se seleccionaron tres grupos (I, II, III) de 12 hembras cada uno, con promedios de 364,50; 303,75 y 254,66mm respectivamente, de largo lineal de caparazon.
On examination, these remains were identified as a new race of tortoise named Geochelone elephantopus phantastica, the fantastic tortoise.
The Indian Star tortoise, known as the Geochelone elegans, is found in dry areas and scrub forest in India and is popular within the exotic pet trade.
Carvalho (2004), relata em Geochelone carbonaria que a coluna vertebral desta especie consiste de uma cadeia mediana impar de ossos irregulares que se estende do cranio a cauda, dividida nas regioes cervical, toracica, sacral e caudal.
The list concerns: several species of blastomussa from Indonesia (coral); chamaeleo gracilis from Benin (chameleon); two species of euphorbia from Madagascar (plant); geochelone pardalis from Mozambique (leopard tortoise); several species of mantella from Madagascar (small, brightly coloured frog); species of naja from Laos (cobra) (for which import restrictions were recommended in April 2004 to all parties to the Convention on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora); psittacus erithacus from Nigeria (African grey parrot); and ursus arctos from British Colombia, Canada, as a hunting trophy (brown bear).
It was later identified as a new species -- Geochelone elephanotpus phantastica
flavomarginatus, and by extension, broad extinctions in the Gopherus and Geochelone assemblages, in the late Pleistocene (Morafka 1988).
WG, OW (Testudo emys; Geochelone emys) EMYDIDAE Orlitia borneensis Obs.
4 mm, respectively, suggests it may belong to the extinct tortoise Geochelone.
Lainson y Naiff (1998) describen Haemoproteus geochelonis en Geochelone denticulata capturada en selva alta en el estado de Para, Brasil, sin encontrar el vector; mientras que DeGiusti et al.