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having the earth as the center


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But versions of hybrid geocentrism dated back to Martianus Capella in the fifth century A.
It is as though the Flat Earth Society had suddenly revived (becoming rich, populous, and politically potent in the process) and had embroiled the country in geocentrism.
His sensible answer is that whereas Riccioli may have had doubts concerning geocentrism, he was neither an open nor a secret Copernican.
Thus, through the study of these ancient cosmologists, the students contemplate evidence they had not noticed, and learn to appreciate a position they had never really understood: that of intelligent geocentrism.
Stanford University's band was banned from playing for three seasons at the Stanford-Notre Dame game because of a halftime performance in 1998 that made fun of the church's past teachings on evolution and geocentrism.
These notes, layered with digressions, citations of learned and mythological texts, and adorned by geometrical diagrams and mathematical proofs and tables, purportedly consummate the self-confessed "allegory" of planetary and celestial mechanics furnished by the Daemon: Levania is an inverted image of Earth, but an Earth conceived according to the obsolescent Ptolemaic model of geocentrism.
A recent case study found that geocentrism is linked to the ability of born global firms to make their own opportunities in the international marketplace (Cavusgil & Knight, 1997).
Ausubel advises, "We must take seriously the Copernican insight about Earth's position in the cosmos and not simply replace geocentrism with anthropocentrism.
According to the usual interpretation, wasn't the problem in the Galileo affair the fact that the Holy Office in 1632 thought that Galileo's proposed heliocentrism would raise insuperable problems for the Church's traditional understanding of certain biblical passages, so it insisted, regardless of the intrinsically mathematico-physical arguments Galileo provided, that geocentrism must stand?
He explained that the anthropomorphism behind the strong anthropic principle is a remnant of the geocentrism that dominated civilized thought from the time of Ptolemy to that of Copernicus and Galileo.