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having the earth as the center


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Clearly if geocentrism is a matter of faith 'as regards the speaker' then openness to scientific results and circumspection in interpreting Scripture are simply ploys.
World-mindedness is closer to the philosophy of geocentrism, i.
This Copernican use of religion to answer a scientific objection to heliocentrism greatly troubled one of the most prominent defenders of geocentrism, the Italian Jesuit astronomer Giovanni Battista Riccioli (1598-1671).
These monuments give evidence to the irony and emergence of Galileo's scientific views from Pagan pantheistic theology to Christian monotheism, and Catholic geocentrism to the heliocentric Protestant scientific world system we currently embrace.
This type of managing requires an integrative mindset or integrative geocentrism.
To mention three: First, he shows that the demise of geocentrism (the Ptolemaic notion that the earth is the center of the universe) in no way precipitated a corresponding demise in human self-esteem.
Geocentrism is the term for which flawed astronomical theory?
This embodiment of American geocentrism has resulted in a loss of foreign listings on US exchanges and diversion of initial public offerings to non-US locales.
We hereby witness, as says Siegwalt, a metamorphosis of geocentrism and anthropocentrism, a new revolution which in turn inscribes "the Copernican revolution in a new system of coordinates.
It is as though the Flat Earth Society had suddenly revived (becoming rich, populous, and politically potent in the process) and had embroiled the country in geocentrism.
His sensible answer is that whereas Riccioli may have had doubts concerning geocentrism, he was neither an open nor a secret Copernican.
Thus, through the study of these ancient cosmologists, the students contemplate evidence they had not noticed, and learn to appreciate a position they had never really understood: that of intelligent geocentrism.
Stanford University's band was banned from playing for three seasons at the Stanford-Notre Dame game because of a halftime performance in 1998 that made fun of the church's past teachings on evolution and geocentrism.
These notes, layered with digressions, citations of learned and mythological texts, and adorned by geometrical diagrams and mathematical proofs and tables, purportedly consummate the self-confessed "allegory" of planetary and celestial mechanics furnished by the Daemon: Levania is an inverted image of Earth, but an Earth conceived according to the obsolescent Ptolemaic model of geocentrism.
Paradoxically, theory selection takes place only within the context of paradigms like geocentrism or heliocentrism, but the history of physics furnishes a long-range perspective that can be used to assess the rationality of competing paradigms.