Ptolemaic system

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(astronomy) Ptolemy's model of the universe with the Earth at the center

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Also, Galileo's discoveries had not eliminated Brahe's geocentric system, and some of the Jesuits were favoring it (25).
about a heliocentric system in which the Sun was at the center of the Universe, with the planets, including the Earth, revolving about it, had been disregarded, and the geocentric system of Hipparchus (see 150 B.
Still, the author of The Advancement of Learning believed in witchcraft, the old geocentric system, and astrology.
The geocentric ideal will require of individual managers an ability to understand a foreign cultur and informal systems of subsidiaries and headquarters in order to function well in the more intense interaction and cooperation in a geocentric system.
In the Czech Republic, the geocentric system ETRS89 is performed using the points of NULRAD and DOPNUL networks coordinates.
For searching mutual relationships between classic planar coordinate systems (S-SK, S-JTSK) and geocentric system (ETRS89) it is the most important to find out suitable identical points.
GPS is 3D positioning method which determines coordinates in global geocentric system (WGS-84).