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a navigational system involving satellites and computers that can determine the latitude and longitude of a receiver on Earth by computing the time difference for signals from different satellites to reach the receiver

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A base model is sufficient for geocaching, but more expensive models offer many facilities.
Archer's clever use of geocaching proves that the light puzzle mystery can be successfully incorporated into a hard-boiled novel with aplomb.
Geocaching is an outdoor adventure that encapsulates what many educators teachers aspire to in a mathematics task: engagement, educational value, and fun.
Geocaching is a network of Internet-based hiding places where a GPS signal ("geo") and other clues are used to find a previously hidden assortment of trinkets ("cache").
Pc Dolan added: "I want our geocaching to be fun, educational and useful and we're looking to hide more containers soon - so there's no better time to get involved
Geocaching is part hiking, part technology wrangling, and part treasure hunt.
9, noon; Cameron County claims it is the geocaching capital of the world with more caches per square mile than people.
But Cache a Predator isn't a one-dimensional story of one man's vendetta: it's also about mystery and suspense wrapped up in the modern art of geocaching (thus the title).
The free event features geocaching experts from www.
The girls, aged eight to 10-years-old, joined others from across the North East and enjoyed exciting activities including raft building, Zumba Tonic, geocaching, outdoor cooking and learning to pitch tents.
The first is QSTP's Geocaching Challenge and the second a speaker session titled Young Emerging Technology Innovators.
Geocaching, an activity that uses satellite technology to guide participants to latitude and longitude coordinates of hidden cache boxes, can attract in-and-out, grab-it-and-go visitors.
The GeoTour combines geocaching with sightseeing and leads visitors to some of the most beautiful spots on the Balearic island.
Some are completely free, including bushcraft and geocaching trails at Simonside on July 29, and challenging guided hikes in the Cheviots and along Hadrian's Wall - including a new 10-mile walk through the College Valley on July 31.