geostationary orbit

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a geosynchronous orbit that is fixed with respect to a position on the Earth

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According to Delphi, it is taking a considerable amount of development primarily because tracking a geo-stationary satellite from a moving vehicle is a devilishly tricky business, since unlike home dishes, the antenna has to constantly adjust itself to receive an uninterrupted signal.
Getting the news from the Gulf to people's homes thousands of miles away also puts a dent in budgets: just linking a channel up to a geo-stationary satellite from a phone on the ground costs $1,500 a day.
Turnover has trebled over the last two to three years and we have contracts with major companies either to resell their satellite products or to develop our own systems using geo-stationary satellites or satellites in low earth orbit, together with a wireless link to send the data out via broadband.
Geo-stationary orbit is already crowded and space weapons which, if used, would spread fragments of debris widely, threaten the security of satellites.
The 64Kbps open channel is provided by a TurkSat geo-stationary satellite in the Ku band and there is an end-to-end availability of 99.
Sutton, along with a hand-picked team of communication specialists, plans to lease and reposition a geo-stationary telecommunications satellite to 23,500 miles above southern Africa.
O3b's satellites will be placed into orbit approximately 8,000 kilometres from earth, four times closer than geo-stationary satellites, speeding up internet connections through its inherent low latency.
The remaining and last orbit raising operations will be done on Thursday to place the satellite in geo-stationary orbit.
HAL congratulates ISRO for the successful launch of Geo-stationary Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV) D5 from Sriharikota today.
From broadcast centers in Chicago, Nashville, New York, and Washington, DC, XM uses its geo-stationary, XM satellites to provide superior coverage for its all-digital platform, delivered across more than 170 channels, as well as through a variety of online outlets.
received a $20,000 scholarship for developing an accurate, low-cost method of determining the position of geo-stationary Earth-orbit (GEO) satellites.
The launch of the Geo-stationary Satellite GSAT-14 on board Geo-Synchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle GSLV-D5 slated for launch on August 19, 2013 was called off during the last lap of the countdown.
19 ( ANI ): The launch of geo-stationary vehicle GSLV-D5 was temporarily called off on Monday due to leakage in the vehicle's fuel system.
The AMOS family of geo-stationary satellites provides modern communications services in Israel, in Europe and to the east coast of the USA.
a subsidiary of Motient Corporation (MNCP), announced today their intent to explore the feasibility of providing interoperable, advanced global mobile broadband communication services from their respective LEO and Geo-Stationary (GEO)-based satellite networks.