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the study of the effects of economic geography on the powers of the state

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On the surface of formal geo-politics, however, China and India may become fierce competitors in assuring the safety of the supply of liquid petroleum out of Hormuz.
After many years of geo-politics among the big powers, finally the partners in AIOC and the Shah Deniz consortium have got their pipeline projects off the ground.
Another similarity is that some of these rulers sit over potentially vast resources of hydrocarbons, especially Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, and the geo-politics behind oil and gas export pipeline projects from the region reflect this reality.
Yet, the regime of Saddam Hussein continues to concentrate on geo-politics.
Whether a different approach will emerge in a post-Saddam scenario would depend on both regional geo-politics and the internal situation.
This is a complicated geological issue compounded by geo-politics, as Qatar has a strategic alliance with the US.
20-21, has been criticised by nationals of some of its six member-states as having become "a council of competition" - rather than co-operation - in both economics and geo-politics.
Domestically and in terms of regional geo-politics, therefore, the position Iran had adopted at the time was "correct" from the Iranian perspective.
Corporate and geo-politics - to avoid being steered by the agendas of financially or politically-powerful players, the standard must be developed by a globally representative body of technology providers and operators
Geo-politics saw no uniformity on a key issue - Syria.
Superior tax advantages - Unstable geo-politics - America is for sale.
But the choice of a site for the project has become an issue of geo-politics between Washington and Paris, with the latter having opposed the US-led war in Iraq and is poised to bear the consequences.
NICOSIA - The election of Likud Party leader Ariel Sharon, seen as a "superhawk" globally, indicates the beginning of a new period in Middle East geo-politics.
In dealing with the big powers, major oil companies and the country's neighbours, Aliyev is aware that oil and geo-politics have always been inter- related in Azerbaijan.
New program to explore fundamental changes in the energy industry caused by market forces, geo-politics and emerging technologies