Genyonemus lineatus

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small silvery marine food fish found off California

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Aspects of the life history and fishery of the white croaker, Genyonemus lineatus (Sciaenidae), off California.
1993), but higher than those estimated for other sciaenids, such as Seriphus politus (DeMartini and Fountain, 1981), Genyonemus lineatus (Love et al.
Size Seriphus politus DeMartini and (Ayers)# 5,000-90,000 Fountain 1981 305 mm TL Genyonemus lineatus (Ayers)# 800-37,200 Love et al.
Genetic structure of Genyonemus lineatus, Seriphus politus (Sciaenidae) and Paralabrax clathratus (Serranidae) in Southern California.