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a personal agreement based on honor and not legally binding

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If you ask if these gentleman's agreements will hold, you are very wrong.
However, the former Tottenham striker, who had been part of Germany's 2006 campaign team, added: 'We were hoping that the European executive members would go for us especially because of that gentleman's agreement.
department has recently become concerned about examples of "lack of openness" by bookmakers, "where a gentleman's agreement has become a barrow-boy's
This year's debate is expected to heat up significantly as the gentleman's agreement made in the middle of the night in 1995 between conservative members of Congress and the House leadership to eliminate funding for the arts in 1998 is tested.
Bailey quietly explained that the officer was only doing his job with integrity and secured a gentleman's agreement that the murder plan would not be carried out.
American novelist and short-story writer noted for her novel Gentleman's Agreement (1947; film, 1947), a best-selling study of anti-Semitism.
WARREN Gatland has revealed he has a gentleman's agreement with Welsh Rugby Union boss Roger Lewis to be released if asked to coach the British and Irish Lions in 2017.
I reminded the chairman of our gentleman's agreement when we were in Dubrovnik last summer and I agreed a contract extension with Tottenham," Modric said.
Record Sport revealed earlier this week that the SFA could perform another U-turn, with Hampden chief executive Smith calling for an "urgent review" of the gentleman's agreement that forbids dual nationals from playing for any of the Home Nations on the strength of a British passport.
Messi has been left out of the 20-man pool for the Hampden friendly on November 19 because of a gentleman's agreement with the Catalan club.
At least he won't have to worry about Briggs' exit today because a gentleman's agreement between the clubs prevents him from playing.
Larsson did strike a gentleman's agreement with Helsingborgs he'd re-sign for them in time for the new Swedish season.
Though Clarke had initially joined from Evesham United in October on a gentleman's agreement, Evesham then recalled the striker and registered him on contract.
But they have only a gentleman's agreement and pledges he made at public meetings about the development.