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Synonyms for gentile

a person who does not acknowledge your god

a person who is not a member of one's own religion

a Christian as contrasted with a Jew


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a Christian

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Nevertheless,'' said Gurth, again laying down his head on the wooden log which served him for a pillow, ``both Jew and Gentile must be content to abide the opening of the great gate we suffer no visitors to depart by stealth at these unseasonable hours.
Through the Gospels, Acts, and Epistles, we continually return to it: How were these Jewish followers of Jesus reading--or not reading--the Gentiles into God's unfolding covenant?
Even when a few non-Jews eventually showed an interest in some aspects of Jesus' message, those first followers presumed Gentiles would first have to convert to Judaism before they could convert to Christianity.
T&T Clark International, $70), Michelle Slee examines the problem of the entry of Gentiles into the church of Antioch.
Salkin, Righteous Gentiles in the Hebrew Bible: Ancient Role Models for Sacred Relationships.
Kenny, Similarly, Paul in his Epistles, argues that gentiles become the heirs to Abraham not through circumcision and accepting Jewish Torah, but through belief in Christ.
I read with interest the recent article in Catholic Insight dealing with Pope Pius XII and "Righteous Gentiles.
Like most spouses of German gentiles, however, Fabian was not sent to a concentration camp but put to work in a munitions factory.
Pamela Eisenbaum argues persuasively that Paul did not simply take Abraham as a role model for believing Gentiles to emulate, but that Abraham actually founded a new lineage of believers that includes Gentiles as well as Jews.
The Mormons have been fighting Gentiles for control of downtown Salt Lake for more than an hundred years, and the Mormons always win.
The Jews did not see the star because they did not believe in astrology, but the Gentiles did and read the sky correctly.
These municipalities offer valuable foci for his undertaking not least because of the great diversity of Jewish communities to which they were home (running the gamut both religiously and politically, from Orthodox to Reform to secular, from Zionist to assimilationist, from native to foreign-born), and the multiplicity of sites (from cattle trading to theatergoing to women's rights activism) at which Jews and Gentiles cooperated and conflicted.
Goldhagen argued for the culpability of all German Gentiles, and therefore the inevitability of the Holocaust, by reason of a genocidal anti-Semitism that was a political and cultural commonplace in modern Germany.
Jesus' disciples established Jerusalem as their base, but their mission was much wider, and the early Christian movement soon spread to both Jews and Gentiles within Palestine and beyond its borders.