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Italian composer of operas (1801-1835)

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The actual Ushak carpet that appears at the feet of the Virgin Mary in a painting by Gentile Bellini is present in the Sforza Castle exhibition, along with a reproduction of the Bellini painting, and provides a memorable experience for admirers of Italian art.
Works in every category did well as its top four lots testify--they ranged from an illuminated Arabic Qur'an from 13th-century Mesopotamia and a Fatimid rock-crystal molar flask from 11th-century Egypt to a portrait of Sultan Mebmed II by a follower of Gentile Bellini painted in the early 16th century and the recently rediscovered talwar sword of Shah Jahan, of 1637-38 (Fig.
The thirty-five year period from 1453 to 1489, beginning with the Turkish conquest of Constantinople and culminating in a remarkable portrait of Mehmet II painted by Gentile Bellini, proved to be pivotal for two empires, the Ottoman and the Venetian.
The focus here is on the activities of Gentile Bellini, who serves as a kind of paradigm for the interconnecting, multilayered interests on both sides.