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Italian composer of operas (1801-1835)

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Por eso, cuando paso por alli, me gusta mirarla en el eco del "milagro" que quiso pintar Gentile Bellini en el ano 1500.
Sin las aureolas de su hermano Giovanni ni de su cunado Andrea Mantegna, ni tan siquiera con la significacon quasi heroica asignada al padre Jacopo en su labor pionera en pro de una figuracion propiamente renacentista para el ambito venecia no, singularmente patente en sus albumes de disenos del Louvre y Londres, autentica escuela para sus hijos, que seguramente tambien colaboraron y se ejercitaron en su conformacion y, desde luego, menos ensalzado por la critica que Vittore Carpaccio -que probablemente aprendiera con Gentile- dado lo fascinante de sus ciclos narrativos que, sobre todo, para determinadas Scuole venecianas pintara, la figura mas modesta si se quiere de Gentile Bellini (c.
La amplificacion aludida cuyo vertice es Gentile Bellini, es mas cualificada y profunda cultural y artisticamente hablando, en un momento tremendamente atractivo, con una flexibilidad envidiable, comunicativo y abierto, a fines del Quattrocento y que podemos prolongar, bien es verdad que solo por ecos y consecuencias, hasta inicios del Cinquecento (2).
Gentile Bellini was the most prominent official artist in Venice at the time, having recently been commissioned to paint the large canvases that would decorate the Council Chamber in the Doge's Palace.
Painted by Gentile Bellini as homage to Islamic art, the picture became absorbed into the tradition of that art, thus gaining a new life in that exquisite melange of diverse cultures that characterized the eastern Mediterranean in the early modern era.
The focus here is on the activities of Gentile Bellini, who serves as a kind of paradigm for the interconnecting, multilayered interests on both sides.
In addition to the two small portraits mentioned above, the exhibition reconstructs Gentile's activity in Turkey, claiming to include "all of the works thought to have been made by Gentile Bellini while in Constantinople" (6).
The Venetian school founded by the Bellini family owed its early inspiration to his work, for he was the brother - in - law of Giovanni and Gentile Bellini.
Works in every category did well as its top four lots testify--they ranged from an illuminated Arabic Qur'an from 13th-century Mesopotamia and a Fatimid rock-crystal molar flask from 11th-century Egypt to a portrait of Sultan Mebmed II by a follower of Gentile Bellini painted in the early 16th century and the recently rediscovered talwar sword of Shah Jahan, of 1637-38 (Fig.
And I have not even made reference to art work for collectivities, such as the large religious confraternities (scuole) in Venice, which stood behind many of the masterpieces of Venetian painting, where Gentile Bellini, Carpaccio, Tintoretto, and others met the programs and wishes of organized groups.
To achieve his ends not only did he involve Gentile Bellini but he also sent Corradi to Venice to copy a view of Cairo owned by one Francesco Telda.
Gentile Bellini may have executed frescoes for one of its pavillons, and Filarete may have helped to design the portico of Mehmet's Treasury.