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By doing this and then bringing ponies onto the land, we were able to encourage the growth of new grass and heather and provide a chance for the marsh gentians to get a foothold once again.
Gentian These rich miniature plants provide a warm blue hue in the low autumn sunlight.
The azure blue petals of the Star Gentian, Gentiana verna, which I grow in a trough, have a white centre.
Most autumn-flowering gentians are hybrids whose origins are in the Far East, where they grow on the high plains of the Himalayas, South-west China and Tibet.
If we are able to enter into partnership with a couple more landowners, over the next five years, a huge increase in the gentians is expected - hopefully making this a UK stronghold and a great place for local people and visitors to enjoy.
Sow seeds of Gentians, Hellebores, Anemones and other hardy plants in seed trays and pans, leaving them out of doors for the frost to aid germination - but not where they might get flooded.
Q I AM very fond of Himalayan Blue Poppy and Gentians but they seem to live for a few years then die out.
I don't do many alpines, for example, other than a few gentians, so that rules out a lot of fiddly seed.
DECORATE your doorstep or windowsill with a shallow bowl filled with autumn-flowering gentians.
For pots and windowboxes, the trumpeting gentians (go for Himalayan types) and dwarf rhododendrons will do you proud.
Tuesday, September 25: Aberconwy Nursery, demonstration, Autumn Gentians and Dwarf Ericaceae, by Mr Keith Lever, Graig, Glan Conwy, 2pm.
Plant up the area with ground-hugging alpine plants such as gentians, saxifrages and houseleeks.