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low-growing alpine plant cultivated for its dark glossy green leaves in basal rosettes and showy solitary bell-shaped blue flowers

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Phenology, seed development, and reproductive success of an alpine population of Gentianella germanica in climatically varying years.
Objectives: The project aims to create suitable conditions to ensure a favourable conservation status of the grassland habitat types 6510, 6520 and 6230 and of the EU priority species Gentianella bohemica and bullhead in SCI Krkono e and thus contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and to the performance of the Natura 2000 network.
Supporting the populations of Gentianella bohemica ; and
Management of three sites (two existing and one to be recovered) of Gentianella bohemica* , reaching a minimum threshold of criteria for viability of its population according to the Czech action plan, i.
Its pollen spectrum (Poaceae, Valeriana, Plantago, Aragoa, Ranunculaceae, and with a later arrival of Caryophyllaceae, Geranium, Gunnera, Gentianella, Lysipomia) confirms presence of modern paramo taxa and a continually increasing proportion of genera with temperate distribution.
Whereas certain groups, such as Cerastium and Silene, retained their herbaceous growth form upon arrival in paramo, massive speciation of Draba and Lupinus, along with Gentianella and Valeriana (see below), was accompanied by an impressive radiation of growth forms which also involved evolution of a (sub)woody habit.
This is the case for Gentianella and Valeriana, for which molecular data suggest the northern migration route.
Gentianella, Draba, Valeriana, Cerastium, Lupinus, etc.
Among the south temperate genera, only Calceolaria matches the species richness of north temperate genera, such as Gentianella, Halenia, Valeriana, and Lupinus.
Some genera, such as Gentianella, Valeriana and Lupinus, underwent rapid diversification after their arrival in paramo (Andes), whereas other groups, such as Silene, originating in the same ancestral area, did not.
The evolution of flower morphology in Gentianaceae-Swertiinae and the roles of key innovations and niche width for the diversification of Gentianella and Halenia in South America.