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Lantana camara and Plantago australis were placed as sisters, because both belong to the Lamiales order whereas Plumeria rubra and Halenia rhyacophilla were correctly grouped within Gentianales order.
Phylogenetic relationships within the Gentianales based on ndhF and rbcL sequences, with particular reference to the Loganiaceae.
Cladistics and family level classification of the Gentianales.
Systematic importance of orbicule diversity in Gentianales.
Floristics, cladistics, and classification: Three case studies in the Gentianales.
2000) found weak support for Oncotheca as sister to the entire euasterid I dade of Gentianales, Lamiales, and Solanales (with Garryales subsequently sister to all of them).
Among Gentianales, there are a few multistaminate genera in Rubiaceae.
Les families hyperaccumulatrices d'aluminium sont surtout presentes dans les branches basales de groupes generalement evolues comme les rosides (Myrtales, Malpighiales, Oxalidales) et les asterides (Cornales, Ericales, Gentianales, Aquifoliales), mais le caractere a probablement disparu dans les groupes les plus derives.
Rubiaceae take the most basal position within the Gentianales (e.
Except for Gentianales, aluminum hyperaccumulation is rarely present in euasterids I.
1994; Takhtajan, 1997); as an order separate from the Gentianales (Tsiang, 1934; Hutchinson, 1973); and as a suborder within the Gentianales (Rosatti, 1989; Nicholas & Baijnath, 1994; Omlor, 1998).
None of these possibilities seems to have met with much acceptance, so that, more than 180 years after Brown's (1810b) treatise, the group is still usually maintained as two families in the Gentianales.
A comparison of the Gentianales was undertaken using the proposed classifications of Benson (1979), Cronquist (1988), Dahlgren (1983), Goldberg (1986), Heywood (1978b), Melchior (1964), Stebbins (1974), Takhtajan (1983), and Thorne (1992).
It is hoped that this classificatory model of the Gentianales will be helpful to those teaching systematics at colleges and universities.
The species of Cydnidae and Parastrachidae that exhibit progressive provisioning feed on seeds of members of the Lamiales, Santalales, and Gentianales, all of which are related groups within the Asteranae.