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of or relating to or characteristic of Genoa or its inhabitants


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An increasing number of scholars started rejecting outright Fox-Genovese, Genovese, and their work.
We are honored to join the horse community in Vero Beach as we expand our equestrian endeavors and long standing commitment to the game of polo both here in Vero Beach and around the world," said BG Vero Beach Polo's Bobby Genovese of his polo interests that include five polo and equestrian teaching and competition centers in Vero Beach, Ocala and Davie Florida, Toronto, Ontario, and Pilar, Argentina.
It is a testament to Kitty Genovese that the author avoids unnecessary judgment in favor of letting Winston Moseley (there's no spoiler here--he's named on the book jacket as the culprit) portray himself as a sociopath with his own chilling words" JORDAN MICHAEL SMITH
According to Genovese, a traditional milk or juice carton is made from 85% paper and 15% plastic.
Genovese disclosed receiving research grants and consulting fees from Ardea, Genentech, Horizon, Lilly, Rigel, and Synarc.
O'Sullivan didn't comment, but her ex-husband, Larry Genovese, defended his ex-wife and the dachshunds.
Fox-Genovese and Genovese focus on educated slaveowners, contextualizing them socially with a discussion of southern elites' intellectual hegemony.
Genovese, of Westfield, will become the town's next Department of Public Works superintendent, assuming that next week's contract negotiations are successful.
Genovese brings to Savi a total of more than two decades of public company executive experience building and overseeing strong financial infrastructures and systems, managing acquisitions, driving greater operational efficiencies for growing public companies and establishing strong relationships with the investment community.
In the chapter on crisis management, Genovese delineates the pressures associated with decision-making during an emergency.
Richard Goldstein, President of Goldstein Associates, represented Goldschmidt & Genovese.
Since Genovese focuses on the factors that make for presidential greatness (e.
Past chiefs include Lucky Luciano and Vito Genovese, who surprised their men by dying of natural causes.
The agent's work is being credited with the arrest of 73 people, including 34 alleged members or associates of the Genovese mafia.
This undeniable connection between what unfolds in the 11 states of the old Confederacy and what's going on in the country at large concerns Eugene Genovese, a noted historian of slavery and the Old South, in his new book.