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a seaport in northwestern Italy


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II-49-II-52, ISBN: 0- 7803-9134-9, September 2005, Genova, Italy, IEEE, NJ USA
Set out by Italian Finance Minister Vincenzo Visco, whose country is currently presiding over the G-7 process, the scheme will be discussed by G-7 leaders at their annual summit in Genova, Italy in July.
Mikai, a privately held company based in Genova, Italy, is focused on marketing and manufacture of innovative spine and trauma products used by surgeons worldwide.
Besides recent works, the exhibition will feature a number of paintings previously shown during some of the most famous exhibitions by the artist such as the recent personal "Works" held in New York in 2012 and "Paesaggi di Luce" which took place in the ballrooms of Palazzo Ducale in Genova, Italy, in 2011 within the project "Van Gogh e il viaggio di Gauguin".
II-33 - II-36, ISBN: 0-7803-9134-9, September 2005, Genova, Italy, IEEE, NJ USA.
These include new Masteret line of melamine cyanurate, melamine/borate and melamine polyphosphate flame-retardant additives for use in thermoplastics, as well as Safest red phosphorus flame-retardant masterbatches for glass-filled nylon and PR Products are manufactured by Italmatch Chemicals SpA of Genova, Italy.
Massimo Conio of the National Institute for Cancer Research, Genova, Italy, and his associates.
Gaslini,16146 Genova, Italy, and [2] Laboratorio Centrare di Analisi dell'istituto G.
R], a privately held company based in Genova, Italy, is dedicated to the development, manufacture and marketing of novel minimally invasive technologies to treat degenerative spinal disorders.
Romano earned his MD at the University of Genova, Italy, and he also holds a post-graduate degree in Hygiene, Epidemiology and Public Health from the University of Genova and a post-graduate degree in Clinical Pharmacology from the University of Milan.
Ansaldo Energia is a company in the Finmeccanica group based in Genova, Italy, and a leader in the supply of gas turbines, steam turbines, generators and global services for power generation plants.
bring together a collection of 49 papers from the Third International Conference on Neuroendocrine Immune Basis of the Rheumatic Diseases, held in September of 2005 in Genova, Italy.
P Dillmann, CNRS, G Beranger, Universite de Compiene, France, P Piccardo, Universita di Genova, Italy and H Matthiessen, National Museum of Denmark, Denmark
Walter Canonica, MD, University of Genova, Genova, Italy, for the World Allergy Organization.