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a seaport in northwestern Italy


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This device, along with that of the blacked-in speech bubbles that pop up throughout the set of images on view, maintains a symbolic link with the comic-book universe that Di Genova's closest analogues--Chris Ware, Sean McCarthy, Zak Smith, and Shawn Cheng--also inhabit (Smith and Cheng mix it up with Di Genova on a website called Road of Knives, an ongoing variant on exquisite corpse that features monsters at perpetual war with one another).
Sanguine: Colin Firth stars in Michael Winterbottom's evocative Genova.
De Genova offers a most careful account reconstructing how the legal production of illegality as a category and as a crime has occurred and has become attached, much as low-paid industrial work is, to the population of Mexican Chicago.
The plant is also expected to create 75 off-site support positions, Genova said.
Genova, like other exhibitors, is affected by the bear market.
GENova is positioning itself as the world's leading bioscience company in the development and commercial licensing of novel therapeutic proteins that disrupt the advance of life-threatening cancers.
SAN DIEGO -- Consumers looking for all-natural, healthful protein sources with gourmet flavor need not look further than Chicken of the Sea International's new Genova brand of premium, Italian-style tuna and salmon.
Hull has been with Genova since January 2000 and served in his current role since December 2003.
Genova articulated his vision for the company's polymer materials to challenge silicon and other crystal materials such as lithium niobate and gallium arsenide for technology leadership in the 21st century.
Keepixo's Genova solution provides comprehensive support for interlaced encoding modes as defined in the HEVC compression standard with best-in-class video quality," said Ismail Allalcha, Strategic & Ecosystem Marketing Manager, Digital Product Group, STMicroelectronics.
Genova joined PSI-TEC from his former position at JDS Uniphase (JDSU) where he was vice president and general manager of the company's Telecom Modules business unit.
Genova Origin: for delivery, including Catch-Up, Start-Over, Time-Shift and nPVR functions
NASDAQ:SUPVA) a world leading manufacturer of fiber optic and LED lighting systems announced today that it has hired Ralph Genova as Vice President of Sales for its commercial lighting business segment.
Insurance brokerage service to the City of Genoa, ASTER SpA, Genoa Parking SpA, AMT Genova SpA and S.