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Synonyms for genotype

a group of organisms sharing a specific genetic constitution

the particular alleles at specified loci present in an organism

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electronic files containing -22 million genotypes (i.
As can be seen from some of the components of seed yield between genotypes under investigation, observed Significant difference in the level of 5 % and 1 %, The average grain yield and yield components in the treatment of study In two years, experiment is the mean of three replications are shown in Table (2).
Regarding circulation of 2 genotypes in Brazil, when the article was written, epidemiologic and molecular evidence supported the hypothesis of circulation of only the American genotype (II) in northern Brazil and not the Asian (I) and American (II) genotypes at the same time (1,2,4).
More molecular phylogenic analysis of HEV genotypes circulating in human and swine population in India is thus required to delineate the mode of HEV transmission and the evolution of new emerging HEV genotype subgroups.
From some of the reported sequences covering all 3 variable motifs, we obtained 10 H1, 4 H2, and 28 H3 mass patterns, and a total of 41 combined patterns were assigned to the 6 major HCV genotypes without duplication (see Table 1 of the Data Supplement that accompanies the online version of this article at http://www.
The comparison indicated that the men with cancer were five times as likely to have a kind of hepatitis B called genotype C.
But whether genotype affects response to treatment has been a matter of debate fueled in part by controversial data on a small number of isolates from patients all over the world.
The second study confirmed that the TRUGENE HCV 5'NC Genotyping Kit is an accurate and reliable method for determining HCV genotype - a significant predictor of response to interferon therapy.
An entirely new finding was that variations in VDR genotype affected all of the blood pressure measures.
Since the Roche cobas HPV test has not been properly validated for its accuracy in genotyping and has not been evaluated for detecting the most clinically relevant non-vaccine targeted HPV genotypes, it should not be approved as a new HPV test device for commercial distribution, said Erickson.
This high rate results in extensive genetic heterogeneity, and HCV isolates are found as either quasispecies or genotypes (2).
Fallahi [8] selected 12 genotypes out of 100 lines and cultivars of hulles barley, received from ICARDA Fallahi [9] selected 15 lines from Gonbad, 7 from Gachsaran and 14 from koohdasht stations out of 100 lines received from ICARDA, which possessed high yield potential than control, as well.
Background & objectives: There is a paucity of information on distribution of hepatitis B genotypes from northeastern part of India.
In particular, the polymorphism denoted as BsmI has three genotypes, designated as bb, Bb, and BB, that appear to be linked with lead concentrations in bone.
Genotypes with high quality scores do not require further review, allowing researchers to focus on genotypes with lower quality markers.