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Synonyms for genotype

a group of organisms sharing a specific genetic constitution

the particular alleles at specified loci present in an organism

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The genotype frequency of PON 55 as well as the allelic frequency of L and M allele was not different statistically among patients and controls.
First, we compared the genotype frequency distributions detected in outbreak categories reported as FB-food, FB-feces, FHB, PB, and UN and in routinely tested bivalve mollusks.
The genotype frequency of codon 194 was 19 per cent for homozygous wild, 45 per cent for heterozygous and 36 per cent for homozygous variant genotype.
Because STRUCTURE assumes each allele is independent, its estimate of the accuracy with which it estimates the frequency of a particular multilocus genotype frequency is often overconfident.
829A > T(S277C)) SNP Genotype frequency SNP01 0.
38 A486V 29 47 486V 14 35 (a) Genotype frequency comparisons are significant for SS vs SR (and low- vs normal-renin) classes at all GRK4 sites in all cases (P < 0.
Three primary observations reported in this study address infection sources and transmission patterns: geographic variation in genotype frequency distribution, which was correlated with the place of diagnosis rather than the place of birth; rate of coinfection with multiple P.
In addition, our measured C/C genotype frequency matched the frequency in persons with phenotypic lactose malabsorption identified by use of the LBHT in an earlier study of apparently healthy adult Austrians (18).
In flock A, homozygous mutant genotype (GG) was observed 3 times giving a genotype frequency of 15%, mutation heterozygous genotype (GA) 14 times giving a genotype frequency of 70%, and wild genotype (AA) 3 times giving a genotype frequency of 15%.
The MTHFR 677TT homozygous genotype frequency of 23% in the carrier range/wild-type TPMT genotype group was significantly greater than the frequency of 8% found in the noncarrier range group [odds ratio (OR) = 3.
Genotype frequencies Genotype Frequency, n (%) MI Non-MI CYP2C9*1/*1 263 (65.
Of the 120 healthy Irish participants, 56 were heterozygous carriers, giving a genotype frequency of 46.
Because males are hemizygous for ACE2, the genotype frequency is equivalent to the allele frequency.
0l) higher than in controls, and genotype frequency of HaeIIIab was significantly higher (p<0.
In the population, TPMT*1/*3A was the most frequently occurring heterozygous genotype, with a genotype frequency of 7.