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the ordering of genes in a haploid set of chromosomes of a particular organism

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These methods will be combined with novel approaches applied for the first time in this arena, such as the use of full genome screens to study uptake; single molecule fluorescence methods to understand the role of nanoparticle curvature; novel cell fractionation methods coupled to quantitative proteomics to identify key proteins involved in uptake and early sorting; individual cell analysis to address heterogeneity in cell response to nanoparticles and study rare cells of interest.
Our investigators can perform whole genome screens at a fraction of the cost compared to the purchase of the libraries as individuals.
DNA exists in a block like state, and hypothesis-free genome screens aim to inspect each of several hundred thousand of these blocks for sequence correlation with disease or drug response.
The projects cover a wide range of aspects of applied genomics, including human, pathogen and model organism research, proteomics, bioinformatics, clinical projects and genome screens.
SNP analysis, including full genome screens, is expected to play an essential role in the future of healthcare applications.