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the condition of being polyploid

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Through evolution, eventually these ancestral functions for responding to stress and ion balance diverged after a genome duplication event that produced two corticosteroid receptors," Close said.
That study pointed out that hybridization and continuous rounds of genome duplication in ancestral cytotypes of the genera Sphaerium, Musculium, and Pisidium is the most probable evolutionary mechanism to explain polyploidization events (allopolyploidy).
My analyses demonstrate that a single genome duplication occurred near the base of the polypod ferns, a lineage that comprises >80% of extant fern diversity.
Polyploidy via genome duplication within one species (autopolyploidy) has typically been considered of little importance evolutionarily, although recent work suggests that plant systematists may be overlooking many species which have arisen through this process (Judd et al.
Another more recent genome duplication may have led to the extraordinary diversity of bony fishes (about 30,000 species), which account for about half of vertebrate species.
EP is based on the genome duplication phenomenon that occurs naturally in plants, and is considered as one of the most important evolutionary processes that plants use to adapt to stressful environmental changes.
KEY WORDS: FISH, chromosomes, major rRNA genes, genome duplication, Mulinia lateralis
The synthetic or S phase of the eukaryotic cell cycle is entirely devoted to genome duplication by orchestrating two processes: DNA replication and histone production.
We found that paddlefish have had their own genome duplication.