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Synonyms for Genoese

a native or resident of Genoa

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of or relating to or characteristic of Genoa or its inhabitants


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Incidentally, a consistent number of documents from these repositories dealing with Genoese matters have been available since 2002, thanks to Rafael Vargas-Hidalgo's edition of the letters of Philip II of Spain to Andrea and Giovanni Andrea Doria.
May 201498 - Vasco da Gama arrived at Calicut, southern India, after discovering a route via the tip of southern Africa1506 - Christopher Columbus, Genoese explorer, died.
Based on a Genoese sponge, they have layers of hazelnut mousse and hazelnut paste with nuts, all covered in genuine Belgian white chocolate.
Ironically, the Venetians and Genoese grew fat on Byzantine rather than infidel wealth, as did the Knights Hospitallers in Rhodes and Malta.
In its time it has been controlled by, among others, the Greeks, Persians, Goths, Huns, Bulgars, Khazars, Venetians, Genoese, Russians, Ukrainians and most recently by the Germans during the Second World War.
The pretty hill town of Porto Vecchio, with its Genoese tower, overlooks a glorious bay.
Tilos has belonged to the Roman and Byzantine empires, the Knights of St John Hospitaller - seven castles on its peaks - the Genoese and Venetians, the Turkish Ottomans and Italy, even briefly the Germans and the Italians again.
At the same time, a Genoese outpost on the Crimean peninsula was besieged by Mongol forces.
The final chapter 6 examines how doctors offered adv ice to important and distant patients and learned about diseases from other doctors, specifically about the Black Death that arrived in Europe from Genoese trading centers located on the Black Sea in 1347 and wreaked havoc over most of Europe until 1350, thereby reducing the population by one-third.
Italian trio Marco Nappi, his Genoese pal Mario Bortolazzi and Italy's national Under-18 skipper Enzo Maresca are all still to finalise terms at The Hawthorns, while planned Dutch midfield target Rob Witschge is yet to even arrive on trial.
We found the marina dull and unattractive but a steep climb took us up to the old Genoese walled town with its stone buildings and cafes and smart shops.
Just down the road is the pretty town of Porto Vecchio, with its Genoese tower overlooking a glorious bay.
Through a liaison with a Genoese woman, Lorenzo begot two illegitimate sons, Battista and Carlo.
A Genoese ship, nicknamed Bronze Bell after a church bell raised from the wreck, was carrying Carrara marble when it sank near Harlech in 1709.
Ownership subsequently passed from the Venetians to the Genoese and then finally to the Knights of the Order of St John in 1315.