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Synonyms for Genoese

a native or resident of Genoa

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of or relating to or characteristic of Genoa or its inhabitants


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Alexander Stradella Bononiensis' and the other a Genoese notary's appellation of 1682, 'Civitate Bononie' - Gianturco narrows down the possible dates of his presence in the city to a span of years before 1653 and then lays out in detail the institutions and teachers most likely to have given the young composer the good literary education and musical prowess he manifested in later years.
Born into a Genoese merchant family, Folquet became a poet about 1180.
This Genoese renaissance, paced by the ongoing Columbus celebrations, seems to have touched almost every aspect of trade, including coffee.
It had reached the Crimea by 1343 and Genoese traders there were infected.
Istanbul's old Galata neighbourhood, once a semi-autonomous Genoese trading colony, is better known today for its run-down houses, its shabby back streets and general air of neglect, than for its rich and varied history.
The word is in fact related to geanes |Genoese' and denotes 'small Genoese silver coins'.
If this had any import for Sued-Badillo's argument it was that this background helped explain the network of connections that Columbus retained with respect to certain individual members of the Genoese bourgeoisie, who were involved both in the slave trade and in providing financial and political backing for Columbus.
Ironically, the Venetians and Genoese grew fat on Byzantine rather than infidel wealth, as did the Knights Hospitallers in Rhodes and Malta.
Along the way, we toured relics that reflected the diversity of the Crimea's settlers over the ages: a Genoese fort, a Jewish cave city, the palace of the Tatar khans.
In the following article, Professor Epstein uses specific data gleaned from the cartularies of thirteenth-century Genoese notaries to investigate more concretely the uses of time and the structure of the business day in Genoa, He concludes that, in this early center of Western commercial activity at least, an impulse toward greater precision in marking the time of day preceded the arrival of the clock.
The son of a Genoese wool weaver, Columbus went to sea as a youth, becoming a skilled navigator.
Endesa has signed an agreement with Italy's Amga, the Genoese multi-utility, to take joint control of the company developing the LNG terminal.
The building is near the monument protected by filing what the Tour Saint-Hospice or Genoese Tower.
Becoming a dad has changed my life completely," said Rooney, who married his childhood sweetheart Coleen in a Genoese monastery almost eight years ago.
Corsica was briefly an independent republic after breaking away from centuries of Genoese control until it was conquered by France in 1769.