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a seaport in northwestern Italy


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The installation, originally exhibited in Turin, was set up here in a more elaborate form inside an early-fourteenth-century Genoan trade hall standing in Istanbul's Galata section on the west bank of the Golden Horn.
The first stamp is on the last page on the passport, issued by a Genoan railroad official, and dated January 10, 1939: "entrata"; the other is dated January 26, 1939, from maritime officials: "uscita.
The fourth in an engaging mystery series featuring Symington "Tuck" Smythe and Will Shakespeare finds the young thespians investigating the murder of a mysterious wealthy Genoan merchant.
The intrepid Genoan instead went to the royal court of Spain for assistance in his 1492 voyage of discovery and the rest is history.
Hotel Cala di Volpe is accessible to many of Sardinia's historical and archeological attractions of past civilizations including Roman and Carthaginian ruins, Genoan fortresses and Pisan churches.
John's eldest son, Richard, married Marie, the only daughter of the Duke of Dalberg (the Dalbergs, residing in the Rhineland, held the premier dukedom in the Holy Roman Empire) and of his wife, who came of an ancient Genoan family.
Legend has it that that was the response of the Genoan queen who first tasted the dessert, which combines sponge cake and a delicate cream made with fresh egg yolks, sweet butter, rum, and Marsala and sherry wines.
Since sales to the monarch were not expressly forbidden by the statute, the sale to Elizabeth allowed the college to transfer the land indirectly to a Genoan merchant, Benedict Spinola, to whom the college was in debt.
Ugone's rapturous descriptions of the Genoan sepulchral art include reference to the two sisters, one who died young and was fixed in stone, and the other who died "before her wedding day" (p.
The seeming backwards stage of civilization of the tribal peoples encountered and described by Columbus on his first voyage convinced the Pope in Rome to confirm the titles to New World territories claimed by Spain by virtue of the Genoan captain's discoveries.
WHERE better to turn for such a quintessentially Genoan dish than to Italy, of course.
Thrown into emotional crisis on learning that he was actually adopted, uptight, unhappily married but self-satisfied Genoan architect Gustavo (Emilio Solfrizzi) neglects his work to join new found brother, womanising travelling dress salesman Romeo (Giuseppe Battiston), in a search for their mutual father.
With a defiant gesture she added: "You'd better ring the Genoan bars and tell them to get some extra vodka in.