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a seaport in northwestern Italy


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The dish that slipped down easiest was the 'tipsy' cake from Hughenden Manor - a Genoa cake laced with oodles of alcohol.
The willow basket contains festive foods, including Genoa cake, milk chocolate florentines and other treats as well as plates, cutlery, plastic wine glasses and a removable chill carry-bag.
While all around him panicked (one woman even "threatened" to wet her pants with fear), Ernie calmly pulled out his OAP survival kit of two prawn sandwiches, a Genoa cake (excellent choice) and two biscuits.
His father played with Sir Alex Ferguson at Queen's Park, and now Cardiff manager Mackay has discovered the fastest way to keep His Fergieness sweet: Look after his players on loan and serve him a slice of Genoa cake when he drops in.
Following the annual Christian Aid service, the protesters enjoyed a slice of Genoa cake ahead of the Italian city's G8 conference this summer.