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of or relating to the external sex organs


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The urogenital sulcus was incorporated into the genital tubercle, developing in a penile structure (Fig.
The formation of the external genitalia in our study could be noted from 20 days with the lateral genital elevations and the genital tubercle presence, although at this stage it is not possible to differentiate the external genitalia of the embryo.
In the human fetus, the genital tubercle develops around week 4 of gestation, and by week 9 becomes recognizably either a clitoris or penis.
In contrast to rodents, the genital tubercle in the human is already differentiated as a penis or clitoris at birth.
Finally, the genital tubercle enlarges and develops a furrow along its median (center) axis; that is, the urogenital slit (not shown).
My gosh," they think, "you must feel something in your genital tubercle that intensely resembles what I'm feeling in my genital tubercle.
Score 0 (no effect): The genital tubercle was normal, with the urethral opening at the tip of the genital tubercle and the preputial skin intact.
It is measured from the center of anus to the genital tubercle and is sexually dimorphic, being 2- to 2.
The entire male urethra is formed by dorsal growth into the genital tubercle and ventral growth and fusion of the urethral folds (3,4,11).