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In terms of the prenatal development of genital anatomy, males and females have a similar undifferentiated genital tubercle which differentiates early in fetal development into the penis in males (in response to the testosterone they produce prenatally) and into the clitoris in females (in response to other built in differentiation processes that occur in the absence of testosterone during that critical period).
Left untreated, it can cause distortion of the genital anatomy and can even prevent sex.
The first section reviews genital anatomy and offers a key to symptoms.
But don't concentrate on extended descriptions of genital anatomy - what's going on in the head is far more exciting.
This article seeks to challenge that assumption and to encourage interested parties to reconsider, from an ethical standpoint, the dominant treatment protocols for children and adults with unusual genital anatomy.
Especially commendable are the explicit illustrations that describe the complex parts of male and female genital anatomy.