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Kelly O'Neil, must live at Genista Close, Liverpool, observe a curfew of 10pm-7am on days she is working and 7pm-7am when not working.
Bridesmaids wore Alfred Sung knee-length gowns in "fresh" and carried bouquets of pale pink hydrangeas, white spray roses, white genista, and white lisianthus tied with white satin ribbon.
Liquid chromatography-diode array detection-electrospray ionisation mass spectrometry/nuclear magnetic resonance analyses of the anti-hyperglycemic flavonoid extract of Genista tenera: structure elucidation of a flavonoid-C-glycoside.
For groundcovers, these include Point Reyes ceanothus, also known as Ceanothus gloriosus; and carpet broom, also known as Genista pilosa.
European dry heaths, dry sand heaths with Calluna and Genista and northern Atlantic wet heaths with Erica tetralix.
panamaensis (Seavey & Bawa, 1986), Genista hirsuta (Gibbs & Bianchi, 1999), Hymenaea stigonocarpa (Gibbs et al.
Phytochemical and Biological Survey From Two Endemic Species: Genista microcephala Coss et Dur and Filago pomelli Batt et Trab, Plant Sciences Feed, 1(11): 190-193.
Flowering periods of most brooms is three to to four weeks, but the closely related genista genus has a much longer season.
That these palisads be elegantly planted, diligently kept and supply'd with such shrubs as yield the most fragrant and odoriferous flowers, and are aptest to tinge the Aer upon every gentle emission at a great distance: such as are the sweet-brier, all the periclymena's and woodbines; the common white and yellow jessamine, both the syringa's or pipe trees; the guelder rose, the musk, and all other roses; genista hispanica .
He began in 2001 at a Japanese startup, Genista KK, where he initiated a new product line for IPTV in 2003, providing tools measuring end-user quality behind the set-top box.
Lilacs love lime, as do maple trees, fruiting and flowering trees, golden chain and golden rain trees, daphne, dianthus, genista, privets and honeysuckles, and do not forget the clematis and the delphiniums
CHAMBER music fans can still catch tonight's recital by the Genista Ensemble in the Lit & Phil Library, Westgate Road, Newcastle, at 7pm.
Small ships such as the Mazurka and Heckmondwike's HMS Genista, which had no badge of their own, were represented by the arms of the Admiralty.
Crypticerya genistae was described by Hempel (1912) (as Icerya genistae) from specimens collected on Genista scoparia (L.
Now drifts of unthirsty black-eyed Susans, fountain grass, gaura, and Genista lydia provide color; blue star creeper and Sedum spurium 'Red Carpet' fill the spaces between pavers.